Most students are back with the swing of things as they start out their second half of the school year. I find that when I am more organized, my grades are higher! Here are a few tips to keeping organized.

Keeping An Agenda

You could spend anywhere from five to ninety-five dollars on a planner. It is a great annual buy; not only does it remind you of your work, but you feel so much better when you get to cross off of your list.

Shinola 12 Month Runwell Planner, $17.95

Keep Papers Filed

It got to a point last semester where I got so overwhelmed that all of my papers started getting stuffed into one folder which resulted in my stress level going up even higher. If a paper that you receive isn’t already hole-punched, make sure it is asap! Once hole-punched file them into your labeled and designated area, so that they are where you need them to be.

Frequent Cleaning

I like to go through my binders, folders, even computer to get rid of anything that I don’t need. Have any old rubrics or papers that have no use? Let your papers meet the recycling bin and you will feel a weight lifted from your shoulders. Also, go through your computer and delete any files that don’t need your attention.


Allie Anthony


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