Coffee table books are one of my favorite things to collect and put around my room. I know that they are used for decor but I love getting into them and reading about whatever it is that is in the book. Here are a few of the best coffee table books I’ve read.

PARIS by Janelle McCulloch: I read this book years ago before I visited Paris and I fell in love with it. I read about all of the different arrondissements of Paris and what to do in each one. I used this book as a guide to the city and what to wear.

 IT by Alexa Chung: Alexa Chung has been one of my favorite women in fashion for a few years now and I still can’t get enough of her. Her book is filled with relatable moments, one of a kind photos, and tons of fashion inspiration.

DIOR, The Legendary Images Published by Rizzoli: Fashion history is so entertaining to me and this book had me in all wrapped up in it. The photos, dating back to 1947, are amazing works of art that will keep your attention for hours.

The Chanel Series Published by Assouline: I loved reading about the rich history of Coco Chanel and her brand. She was such an intriguing woman and its hard to aviod reading about her.

Always Pack A Party Dress By Amanda Brooks: Amanda Brooks is adorable and super cool. She has been through so much in the fashion industry which makes her book unique and inspiring for girls like me to read. She writes about anything from what she wore to what, life lessons, and guys she dated.

Allie Anthony


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