Venues can make or break a show, it has the ability to create a story, or to make the audience visualize the clothing in a whole new sense. Spring/Summer 2016 Couture just came to an end and we will bring you our favorite venues of ht past week.

Elie Saab 

Just like his clothing, Elie Saab’s venue was whimsical. Saab has a talent of putting city views into clothing, but the venues are just as dreamy. A beautiful mural for a backdrop and greenery to bring a paradise like feeling.


Past the intricately designed clothing, you will see that Schiaparelli completed their show with a thin runway and light colors. A wall covered with white plates does not seem as if it would pull of an elegant look, but Schiaparelli manages to do just this. Sophistication and beauty took the role of this venue, now let’s dig into these pictures!

Schiaparelli Spring 2016 Couture


Chanel always leaves us wanting more, every show is a new experience. The minimalistic look left us room to awe over both the set up and clothing. The show was nature driven, as it wasn’t only on the ground, but in the outfits. Chanel always knows how to surprise their audience.

Chanel's spring/summer 2016 haute couture presentation in Paris

Chanel spring/summer 2016 couture collection on the runway in Paris

Allie Anthony


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