Shoes are the key to success in all outfits, but choosing which ones to buy can be difficult. Here are some shoes I love that are great for all outfits.

White Sneakers

White sneakers are a must for Keely and I, we wear them all the time. You can throw a pair on with leggings, jeans, or pretty much whatever you want. 238556_detail01

Black Heels

I never dress up, but when I do, I always find myself wearing the same black heels. These shoes are my go to’s for nice dinners, parties, and other events. I can’t live without them.



I’ve talked about slip-ons before, but I’m going to talk about them again. If you don’t have a pair a slip-ons, you need one. I wear mine all the time because they are just so easy to throw on and they always look great.


Black Ankle Boots

I love a nice pair of classic black boots. I’ve owned a pair of sturdy black boots for three years and they are still in great shape and are definitely one of the most worn investments in my closet.


Neutral Sandals

I live in sandals in the Spring and Summer. Neutral sandals are something you would love to have in your closet because they work with everything.


By: Allie Anthony

Allie Anthony


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