As the weather changes, so does our skin care routine. Maintaining healthy skin is a vital part of my life, and should be for yours too! Keeping teenage skin looking fresh and bright can be difficult and frustrating at times, but I keep a routine to ensure healthy skin in the future.

Cleanser: Revision Skincare

I am in love with the Gentle Cleansing Lotion by Revision Skincare, I use it right after I wake up and before I go to sleep everyday. My skin is extremely sensitive and this cleanser keeps me clear without irritating my skin. Another plus about Revision Skincare is that they don’t test on animals, and contains pure ingredients!products-pages-gentle-cleansing-lotion-B


Moisturizer: Eraclea

Cleansing your face tends to strip it of natural oils, so it is essential to moisturize after washing your face! I have been using the Eraclea Soothe and Calm Facial Sculpting Lotion, I use one pump and massage onto my face in circular motions. Hydrating my face helps my makeup glide on and not leaving me with a cakey face.



Under Eye Cream: Kiehl’s

With an overall rating of 4.5 stars, the Creamy Under Eye Treatment With Avocado Oil is a life saver. Due to school and the hours of homework, some nights I am left with four hours of sleep and this cream keeps me looking human. I apply the Kiehl’s treatment before bed every night and it is very gentle with my skin.



Lip Balm: Jack Black

Words can not even describe how obsessed I am with this award winning lip balm, I have tried everything and have fallen in love with the Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm. It also contains an SPF of 25 and smells amazing. It is pricey for the tube, but this lip balm should last you a while. Out of the seven flavors offered, my personal favorite is the Natural Mint & Shea Butter. This product works like a charming, leaving my lips feeling soft and smooth!



Allie Anthony


2 thoughts on “HEALTHY SKIN

  1. ” this cream keeps me looking human ” love this sentence 😀 :D. i think it is really good so i’ll try this products. Can you show me how much is it ? thanks

    1. Thank you so much!! Haha that sentence describes my life. I have the .5 ounce jar and it is $28, the larger one (.95) ounce is $48. It is on the more expensive side, but it does wonders!

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