Whether your feeling cluttered, moving out, or a little bored: organize and clean your closet! This is a drill that I do about twice a year and it leaves me feeling relieved and neat. Here are some tips on how to clean out all of those unwanted items!

**Disclaimer: Set aside a good amount of time to do this!

Know What You’re Working With

Starting off, I like to know what I’m dealing with and how much there is. I find taking everything out of my closet and laying it all out helps. Don’t be scared of the mess that will be caused, because it will soon be organized and gone!


You may not realize it, but you could have three of the same exact style and color tops, so separating what you have into mini piles is helpful. Create a pile for jeans, skirts, t-shirts, tennis shoes, heels, anything! I most likely go to the extreme and divide my jeans into colors, tops into styles, workout clothes into another, but basic piles will work just fine!

Runway Time

This is your time to try EVERYTHING on. If something doesn’t fit properly, you do not want it to take up needed room in your closet. Look at it this way, this is a chance to design your own fashion show, but this time you’re the model! It does not have to be a burden, so put on some music and get rid of any clothes that have holes, are too tight, or covered in stains.

Think & Toss

Ask your self questions:

  • “When was the last time I wore this, and do I see myself wearing it in the future?”
  • “Could I reinvent one of my favorite outfits with this piece?”
  • “Do I feel confident when I wear this?”
  • “Do I love it?”
  • “Is it comfortable?”

Don’t keep something if you’re doubting it at all! Think of it this way, if you get rid of a piece, that just means you have more room for any new clothes.

Squeaky Clean

A clean closet space is refreshing, right now is your time to clean the walls, drawers, and floors of your space. Trust me after everything is accomplished you will want to take a picture and frame it you’ll be so proud.


Finally, you are so close to the finish line…

You have already gotten through the hardest part of organizing your closet without even realizing it; all of your similar items should be grouped together. All that you should do now is designate an area for each of these. If you would like, I recommend investing in sturdy hangers that will last for years!

Optional Last Step

Once I have set aside clothes that I will not be keeping for myself, my mom has always encouraged me to donate it all. If you are not in love with the shirt or pair of jeans, there is someone who would do anything for it.


Allie Anthony


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