Leaving the house without a spray of perfume on is almost impossible in my book. I’ve always had a thing for perfume, and I think I always will. Smelling like a thousand bucks can really make my day better. After all the years of perfume wearing I’ve had, I have picked out some of my personal favorite scents that smell unreal.

Pomegranate Noir by Jo Malone

Jo Malone has always been one of my favorite candle brands, but their perfumes are just as impressive. Pomegranate Noir is really strong, so a little bit takes you a long way. The smell is kind of musty but has more of a fruity tone. This perfume is towards the pricy side, but it’s totally worth it.



Alien by Thierry Mugler

Alien is truly unlike any perfume I’ve ever had. This smell is so different and can really catch peoples attention. Alien is on feminine side but isn’t too flowery or light smelling either. 1-paris-gallery-thierry-mugler-80141.jpg


Noir by Chanel

As you probably already know, Chanel is the queen of brands when it comes to fragrances. Classic and perfectly feminine, all Chanel perfumes are great for every occasion. After testing some of the top Chanel perfumes out (Including No. 5), this scent grabbed me the second I spayed it unto my wrist. S113660_XLARGE.jpg



Valentina by Valentino

Florally, light, and fresh, Valentina is the perfect perfume for Spring. Just by looking at the bottle, you can kind of guess how clean and girly smelling this perfume is. Valentina is one of my favorites for an everyday perfume, I wear it all the time!  



Burberry Brit by Burberry

If there is any perfume that makes me feel confident, it’s Burberry Brit. This scent is strong, attention grabbing, and smells unlike anything. I love wearing this perfume for special occasions and holidays.  


By: Allie Anthony




Allie Anthony


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