I am all about giving back, and one of my favorite organizations is the Feed Project! Not only are you helping to supply meals, but you are staying in style while doing so.

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The Feed Project

Founded in 2007, this non-profit organization is all about fighting world hunger. Every product will have a brief description of how much it will give to a community. Below are adorable products that will be extremely cute for Spring/Summer!


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I am in love with this piece, as it is simple and unique! Pair it with blue ripped jeans and white sneakers for an easy outfit. Purchasing this  will provide 10 school meals for children around the world.

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Let’s just take a moment of silence for this meticulously designed bag. Perfect for the Spring; I would wear this with an all white outfit, so it will really pop! The best part about this bag is that it provides 370 school meals for children in Kenya.


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In need of an easy birthday present? Order a few bracelets and you are not only appreciating your friend. Each bracelet provides 5 meals to kids around the world. Also, all of the bracelets above come in a variety of colors!

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Perfect for an abundant amount of occasions, whether you’re strolling around town or packing beach supplies. It will provide 50 school meals for children around the world.


Definitely go check out their website because they have so many more accessories that you guys will love. The prices have a wide range and they have something for everybody!

Allie Anthony


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