Working out is something I try to make a part of my everyday life, especially around this time of the year. Although it’s getting colder and cozier, I have to remind myself constantly to GET UP AND WORKOUT! Working out can feel difficult, but once you have completed your goal, it’s worth it! One of the ways that I stay motivated to workout is shopping. Yes, you heard it right, shopping. I love buying cute workout clothes, but would hate to see them sitting in my closet all day, never getting a chance to be worn. Step one to getting yourself to workout is dressing for it! Here are the brands that I love to sweat in, and I’m sure you will too.

Alo Yoga

Alo was created for fashion-forward yoga lovers who want to wear their workout clothing not only on the mat, but on the street. Alo Yoga’s pieces compress and shape your body in the right places. This contemporary yoga brand is perfect for anything and everything.

HPE (Human Performance Engineering)

HPE is my favorite brand for cardio. This science based brand has created the best fabrics for all of their pieces and it really makes a difference. All of HPE’s clothing is breathable and so cute.

Koral Active Wear

This brand has THE cutest workout tops. Based in California, Koral Active Wear appeals to fashionable workout junkies who love to look good at the gym and on the streets.

Monday Active

Created by the owners of ‘A Bikini A Day’ and Monday Swimwear, Monday active is a simple and flattering brand that is amazing to work out in. With a simple color pallet and minimalistic styles, this brand is perfect for everyday looks.

Allie Anthony



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