Now that the holidays are sadly coming to an end, its time to get back on track with everything you’ve been putting off for days. Here are the things you should do before winter break closes.

Clean Out That Closet

I think its fair to say that most girls get some form of clothing as a gift for the holidays. Instead of just throwing your brand new pieces around your room, make an effort to hang them up, and also organize your whole closet while you are at it.


If you received gift you didn’t absolutely love, return it! Don’t let that sweater that didn’t fit you the right way sit in your closet forever. Go to the mall, take it back, and get something you will actually wear.

Get Back On Your Grind 

When the holidays are all over, get back on track with all your goals. Whether it’s working out, reading a book, getting ahead schedule, etc., jump back on it!

Get Hooked Up

Technology is also one of those things that you may get as a gift for the holidays. Get whatever you got all set up ASAP, because if you don’t do it soon, you may not do it later.

Start Healthy Eating Habits Again

I know that during the holidays, I’m always full off of comfort food (which is how it’s supposed to be!). But once the holidays end, get your eating habits back in check. Although it’s hard to not want to fest for every meal, just take it down a notch each time you eat and eventually you will be right back to your good eating habits.


Allie Anthony


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