Valentino’s show was simple and elegant, but still extremely captivating. Everything from the shears, pleats, and silver tones made this show so light and dreamy. Focusing on the details, the pieces were embroidered, layered with other materials, and crested in jewels.


Iris van Herpen 

Creating wearable art has been Iris Van Herpen’s brand goal for years. Consisting of  pieces that have brought new ideas into fashion, the “Between the Lines” collection is going down in history. Each piece was crafted and hand painted making the collection all the more original.


Elie Saab

I think Elie Saab will always be the top ranked label for couture. With sheers, golds, pastels, and gems, the modern day Egyptian Princess was presented at Elie Saab’s Spring 2017 show.



Haute Couture 80’s Prom is what I saw when I watched this show, and I couldn’t get enough of it. Karl Lagerfeld really does an incredible job clinging onto Chanel’s roots while bringing new life to the brand. Working with tweed, feathers, huge belts, diamonds, and silks, this collection was one of my favorites of the week.


Viktor & Rolf

Reconstruction is huge right now in street style looks, but Viktor and Ralph found a way to make this couture. Amazing pieces were created by the tearing apart of old collections, turning old into something completely new. This show was hands down my favorite of the week. Everything from the atmosphere, music, and models had be locked in.




Allie Anthony


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