Buying products is my addiction. Trying out new things always gets me so excited, and I think by now I know the best of the best in the world of products. Weather they are new to my vanity or have been with me throughout years, here is my list of the products that you need!

Mario Badescu Silver Powder and Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner

Out of all the products I have used on my T-zone, Mario Badescu’s Silver Powder has been my favorite. It’s so easy to use and has helped reduce oil and buildup on my t-zone only after a few uses. I apply it with a damp cotton ball and let it sit for 15 minutes. I take it off with another cotton ball drenched in Mario Badescu’s Glycolic Acid Tone. 

Jo Malone White Sage and Sea Salt Cologne

I’m getting so ready for spring and summer and I recently got Jo Malone’s White Sage and Sea Salt Cologne and it smells amazing. It’s settles so nicely and stays fresh all day.


Ouai Hair Oil

I haven’t got over Ouai’s Hair Oil! It is my favorite hair product and use it everyday on my ends and over fly aways.


Pink Rose Petal Multi-Use Oil 

I have been using oils a lot this year for everything! This oil is so great for everything. I have been using it on my nails, hair, body, and even use it on my wrist and neck like a perfume.


Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Serum 

This is seriously up there on my list of favorites of all time. I use it to thin out my foundation and as a light moisturizer and have ran through so many bottles over the past few months!


Milk Makeup Sunshine Oil

Again with the oils! I can’t stop. Milk Makeup’s sunshine oil is my go to for glowy skin. I roll a little on to my fingers and just apply it all over my face on no makeup days and under my makeup to make everything a little bit more natural looking.




Allie Anthony


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