HAPPY HOLIDAYS! I can hardly believe that December is only a few days away and that the Holiday’s are coming up so soon. With all of the stress that this time of the year brings, I thought the perfect way to make holiday shopping easy for you guys is to put all of my favorite gift ideas into a single, shopping-friendly, post. Whether you are looking for friends, family, or maybe even getting a few ideas for your own gift list, I hope you find the perfect gifts in all the categories below. Tis the Season!!


Jewelry is the best gift for any woman in your life! You can never go wrong with simple jewelry or a piece that looks “so her” .


Accessories aren’t something that people usually just go out and buy, therefore making them the perfect gift. Sunnies, wallets, cute phone cases, and hats are great gifts for anyone.


A girl can never have enough bags… ever. Over the shoulder bags, pouches, totes, travel bags, and backpacks will never disappoint!


We all know someone who has a shoe obsession. I’m sure you could easily pick out a pair they have had their eye on, or even a pair that seems to fit their style.


Girls ages 12-18, I know you have a friend who spends way more time on youtube watching makeup tutorials than they should be (me…). Give that friend a fun makeup pallet, brush assortment, perfume, or skincare product and they will love you forever.


Home accesories make amazing presents for people of all ages! Find a special something to put on a shelf, spice up a table, or make a room smell like rose field for anyone ranging from your little sister to your grandmother.


This may just be me, but I find it close to impossible to shop for boys. No seriously, this took me quite a long time to find only a few gift ideas. Am I doing this right, probably not. I don’t know, but here’s all I got. :))

Allie Anthony


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