If you have been on my blog before or have spent some time with me, you know that I am obsessed with skincare and makeup. Although I do love spending time getting my makeup done or indulging in facial treatments, I have never found a place that can do it in a simple, affordable, natural, and effective manner. Well, the founders of Beauté Barre, Lauren Snyder, and Nicole Chamberlain, felt the same way. “I wanted to scratch my own itch regarding an industry that I love by taking on the things that I don’t like,” said Snyder. Beauté Barre is the new Dallas skincare hot spot. With a refined list of facials that make the most incredible change in your skin, Beauté Barre combats all of the worst parts of the skincare industry and enhances the elements that we all love.

When the girls from Beauté Barre told me their grand idea, I couldn’t help but say, “this is going to be worth BILLIONS.” I mean, what woman wouldn’t want to achieve beautiful skin in such an accessible way? Not only is Beauté Barre accessible, but it’s also the highest quality skincare that you can receive.

“By putting together an edited menu of facials, we have created an affordable list of services that encourage your skin to change. For each facial, we have taken the best of what is available and put everything together in an order that will work on different issues.”


On top of being great for the skin, Beauté Barre is even better for the soul. The girls’ mission for this MedSpa / Hotel Spa combo is more significant than merely clearing your pores. The founders feel that creating an environment that makes you feel confident and beautiful on the inside is just as (or maybe even more) important than giving your skin the care that it needs.

“Beauté Barre is a nurturing and encouraging experience. Our staff will be trained to empower every client so that they leave feeling good. Looking good is all about being confident, and that’s how we want the customer to feel.”


After hearing all about the main idea behind Beauté Barre, Lauren and Nicole had me hooked. They weren’t finished yet though. They went forward by telling me that they had created something in particular for the spa list: the “Allie Anthony Facial”!

“When Nichole and I got together to brainstorm the Allie Anthony Facial, we wanted to offer a wonderful service for a specific age group. This treatment is the ultimate way to take care of yourself and relax, but also to have fun and feel energized.”


I may be a bit biased, but the Allie Anthony Facial is pretty amazing. With the dermaplaning treatment, your skin will feel fresh as ever. The facial goes on with two different masks that help cleanse, detox, and rejuvenate skin.

Now, fellow complexion obsessed Dallasites, we have a place to go for the best skincare available and the best service imaginable. For more information or to book your “Allie Anthony Facial” call Lauren (214-713-0316)!!!

“I want people to come back because our service is excellent, the energy is fantastic, and the results are there. We will support the entire woman in the Beauté Barre.”












Allie Anthony


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