For a girl who has pin-straight hair, having a little texture is always exciting. Recently, I’ve been in love with curls, but the best part about them is the second day look. Although my hair can’t hold onto tight curls for more than a day, the second day look can be just as  flattering. Here are the top tips for maintaining texture the day after styling.

  1. The styling process

In order to maintain texture, the initial styling process has to be done well. Dallas      hair stylist Heber Hernandez says that hair will look best when you curl away from your face. He also suggest that 7 seconds is the perfect time to get the curl you want but also to stray away from over heating your locks.

2. Spay to stay

If you want any look to stay, even if only for a day, hairspray cannot be avoided. I hate the crunchy feeling that some hairsprays give, but after trying a few, I found a great product that locks in style but also feels natural.  The Living Proof Control Hairspray works wonders, helps to keep initial style in for a full 24 hours, but also allows hair to naturally fall for an effortless look.

3. Low Bun

This tip is vital to holding texture. Instead of letting your hair “free fall” for the time between styling and leaving the house, pin it up or put it in a loose bun.

4. Texture Spray

Texture spray is the key to the effortless look of second day curls. I personally love the Oribe Dry Texture Spray because it smells amazing and brings volume back into my hair.

Allie Anthony


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