New York Fashion Week is something I always look forward to. Not simply because of the hundreds of unbelievable shows put on by some of the top people in the industry, but also because of the trend savvy crowds who make these shows come out to the street. Making high fashion well, livable, is done to a tea by these brave trend setters. While stalking instagram pages and checking out everyones favorite shots from the week, I’ve picked my favorite trends that were worn during NYFW.

Cheetah Print Coats

Who ever said cheetah print is ‘out’ has been mistaken. I saw so many amazing prints at NYFW but one of the ones that stood out to me was cheetah. While it may be hard to keep this trend looking a little cheap, I think with the right look, it’s a go!


Fun Flares

Anything flared looks so chic. Whether it was sleeves or pant legs, I noticed flares everywhere and totally loved it. Flared pants with a little jacket and heels looks so high fashion but is also so easy to wear.

Casual Denim

There isn’t much I obsess over more than denim. The understated fabric can be worn a multiplicity of ways and always looks cool. Casual denim looks were all over the streets in NYC and looked so good with everything.

Barely Shaded Sunnies

Sunglasses make an outfit so much better, but while in the city in February, there really isn’t a need for them. Thats why barely shaded sunnies are the perfect way to spice up an outfit while also being practical. I love this looks nostalgic feel and think it’s always a fun way to change up an outfit.